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Family Law Areas of Focusin Toronto, London, Strathroy & Kitchener-Waterloo

Property Rights and Entitlements for Married and Non-Married Persons

Property entitlements and obligations involve a detailed examination of what property spouses own, the extent to which spouses each contributed to the acquisition of that property, and the value of the property. The considerations of married and non-married persons are not the same and we have substantial experience in advising and acting in both scenarios

Our group structure enables us to handle fairly straightforward and complex property matters in a cost-effective way. The Family Law Group at Lerners has proven experience in complex cases involving valuation and income tax issues as well as complex corporate and business structures. As part of a large and diverse law firm, we have the ability to consult our Lerners colleagues who have expertise in complex commercial and corporate matters. We also work regularly with other experts, such as appraisers, accountants, and business valuators to make sure we secure the best and tax effective outcome for our clients.