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When success matters, there is no substitute for the advantage that comes from experience.

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About Family Lawin Toronto, London, Strathroy & Kitchener-Waterloo

Steady, Clear and Effective Advocacy
When You Need It Most

Over the years, we’ve successfully served many clients and helped guide them through intense and difficult times in their lives. When protecting our clients interests we are always proactive and result oriented. Having experience enables us to think ahead, anticipate actions and take pre-emptive measures. While our team is always compassionate and supportive, we never allow emotional turmoil to compromise good judgment. Our reputation is for protecting our client’s interests and achieving the best possible outcome. Our track record confirms our reputation is warranted.

Strategy is Dictated By Circumstance

From mediation to litigation, we are skilled and experienced in all strategies. Experience has taught us that there is no hard and fast methodology. We’ve learned that many factors will influence the strategy, and that circumstances change as a case evolves so adaptability is key.

Access to a Wide Array of Legal Expertise

A benefit of being a Lerners client is that, no matter how complex or complicated your case, we can pool our resources and experience so they are at your disposal. From counsel on complex family business settlements to guidance on estate planning, we have all the legal expertise you need in-house. It’s a full-service, coordinated and efficient approach to achieving the best outcome possible.