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When success matters, there is no substitute for the advantage that comes from experience.

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About Health Lawin Toronto, London & Kitchener-Waterloo


It all begins with the knowledge and understanding our Lerners Health Law lawyers bring to the table. Regardless of the unique complexities and challenges that may arise in any case, we can quickly and accurately assess the relevant legal and/or regulatory issues and then develop the most advantageous strategy for proceeding.

A Sense of Calm and a Feeling of Confidence

Building on years of advocacy experience, we understand the process and legal implications of regulatory, disciplinary and court proceedings. Whether it be for health professionals, for whom the process can be stressful, or for institutions or facilities that can use guidance for tough or precedent-setting cases, the legal team at Lerners can bring a sense of calm to even the most difficult and stressful situations and instill absolute confidence that the best possible outcome will be achieved.

Decades of Proven Experience as Fierce and Determined Advocates

We fearlessly defend the rights, integrity and reputations of the health professionals and health related facilities we represent. Until all options are explored, every argument is made, and the best possible outcome is achieved, we continue advocating for our clients.

Communication Is a Constant

The process through which a successful resolution is achieved can be lengthy and exhaustive. To help alleviate the stress and anxiety, we make it a priority to keep our clients fully informed. We listen to their concerns. We answer the tough questions.