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About Appealsin Toronto, London & Kitchener-Waterloo

We do not forget to cross every ‘t’

The appeals process is one that demands attention to even the smallest details. Our appeal courts are governed by rules and procedures with no tolerance for error or exception. It is a specialized arena in which we excel, as evidenced by the broad range of cases we have argued and our record of success.

It is a process that requires the expertise and patience to microscopically examine transcripts and evidentiary records. It rewards counsel with the insight to identify and articulate a strategy and issues on which an appeal can be launched and a case will turn. It favours those with an intimate understanding of the procedures and perspectives that define our appeal courts and Supreme Court of Canada. It is an unforgiving environment for those who approach unprepared or without experience.

We will ask all the right questions. We will comb through the transcripts and exhibits to interpret, assess and clarify. We will articulate your options and offer our recommended course of action, even if that means not pursuing an appeal. We take great care and pride in our factums, both to form and content, which is one key to our success as factums are crucial to success on an appeal.

The timelines can be uncomfortably tight. The preparation of appeal documents is unavoidably painstaking. Complete and uncompromising thoroughness and expertise, such as ours, in the procedures in the Court of Appeal and Supreme Court of Canada is a necessity. Given the stakes, your choice of counsel is critical and there is nothing that works to your advantage more effectively than experience and expertise, the kind that resides with the Lerners Appellate Group.