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Women Who Inspire

1 minute read

On International Women’s Day, as the world comes together to celebrate the achievements and contributions of women, it's an honour to dedicate this blog post to someone who exemplifies excellence in every way – my incredible assistant, Julie Coulter. In a world that often overlooks the invaluable work of those behind the scenes, perhaps today should also be about recognizing and appreciating the unsung women who make a significant impact in our professional lives, in our own backyard.

It is not hyperbolic to say that I could NOT survive without Julie. She effortlessly navigates the demands of our dynamic work environment. In the face of challenges, she remains resilient, tackling obstacles with grace.

More importantly, and beyond her professional prowess, Julie is a friend and someone I can confide in and learn from. She has a wealth of knowledge to impart and I am lucky to be able to serve our clients with her unwavering support. In my time working with Julie, I also know her to be a dedicated mother to her children and a friend to many inside and outside the firm.

On this International Women's Day, I extend my deepest gratitude to my assistant, a remarkable woman who embodies excellence in every aspect of her work. Her dedication, adaptability, and collaborative spirit are integral to our shared success. As we celebrate women’s achievements globally, let's remember to recognize and appreciate the exceptional women who contribute to our lives every day.

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