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About Residential Real Estatein London, Toronto, Strathroy & Kitchener-Waterloo

Our clients benefit from the reputation we have earned

At Lerners we have a client-focused approach. We are readily available to speak to and meet with our clients. We pride ourselves in the quality of our services and attention to detail and we are here for you; a valuable partner through the buying or selling process. Our holistic approach to real estate law extends far beyond simply meeting with you to sign your paperwork. We are available to answer any questions or concerns you may have, and to help you throughout the process.

For the purchase of a new home, our services may include:

  1. A review of your Agreement of Purchase and Sale, preferably prior to signing it.
  2. Explaining different ways ownership of the property can be held and the issues with each different way.
  3. Reviewing the legal title to your home to ensure you are buying what you think you are buying.
  4. Reviewing condominium documents, if applicable.
  5. Discussing title insurance options with you and, if directed, obtaining title insurance on your behalf.
  6. Preparing mortgage documents and explaining the terms of your mortgage to you.

While the sale of a home at times does not include as many documents as a purchase, it can be equally as complex. For the sale of your home, our services may include:

  1. Review of the Agreement of Purchase and Sale prior to signing it;
  2. Preparing all legal documents dealing with the sale of your home; and
  3. Working with your bank to ensure any mortgage is properly discharged.

In addition to buying and selling, homeowners often consider refinancing when interest rates decline and when they have a major expense such as renovation. When considering refinancing, home owners should look at the interest rate of their existing mortgage, the interest rate of the new mortgage, the cost for refinancing and how much equity they have accumulated in their home. We are happy to work with you to refinance your property and to take you step by step through the process involved.