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Let's call it what it really is

1 minute read

I have had my fill of the current, constant references to what is euphemistically described as “bullying”. Isn't it about time that we called it what it really is and dealt with the conduct in an appropriate manner? “Bullying” is just a candy-coated word for blatant intimidation. Whether it happens in the school yard, in the workplace, over the internet or in public, the type of conduct that we have come to describe as bullying is nothing short of criminal conduct that ought to be referred to as intimidation. Despite all the efforts to at least minimize, if not eradicate this type of unacceptable conduct, I suggest that nothing will work as well as to appropriately amend the Criminal Code to make such conduct criminal. If we seriously wish to address the problem then there has to be real and serious consequences for unacceptable conduct. As admirable as attempts at persuading and cajoling people, young and old, male or female, who treat others in the same manner in which they wish to be treated, nothing is likely to work until such time as there is clear and unequivocal public condemnation for this offensive kind of conduct. It is on only rare occasions that I find myself agreeing with the Prime Minister. In this instance, I not only agree with him, but think that additional steps need to be taken.

Let's call bullying what it really is …. intimidation, and let's deal with it in an appropriate manner.

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