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Diversity and Inclusion Potluck

1 minute read

I attended the Diversity and Inclusion Potluck, where lawyers and staff got together to celebrate each others’ cultures through food. From savoury appetizers and main dishes to sweet treats, the Potluck offered a welcomed chance to try various new foods. Most importantly, the Potluck was a great way to meet new people and learn more about their lives outside of the office.

The food is only one aspect of any good meal. I find that the best meals I enjoy involve a warm environment and the opportunity to meet new people in a relaxed setting. The Potluck provided just that – a group of eight to ten people, along with myself, congregated in the Porthole Boardroom to eat together and discuss various family recipes. As a relatively new addition to Lerners, I valued the chance to meet other team members who I do not regularly see. Centring the event around food was a great way to encourage people to showcase their unique cultural backgrounds while also providing a relaxed environment in which to meet others. As an articling student, I was very thankful to welcome a change to my daily diet – while the food court downstairs has some good options, its comfortable and sociable ambience can be lacking.

While I would encourage all to pace themselves while eating to avoid the urge to take an afternoon nap, I would recommend everyone to participate in the next Diversity and Inclusion Potluck. I find food to be one of the best conversation starters – and it doesn’t hurt to show off your cooking skills to some fellow hungry co-workers!

Jessie Gomberg, Student-at-law

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