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Pleased to participate in United Way London Lawyers’ Leadership Challenge

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Pleased to participate in United Way London Lawyers' Leadership Challenge


Passion with a Purpose:
Ten law firms team up for the 2016 Lawyer Leadership Challenge!

The jury’s out! London’s legal community has been called to the bar in support of our community….and they have accepted the Challenge. This year, ten generous law firms are partnering together with a common goal to fuel significant change for children, families and individuals in London & Middlesex. Each law firm is unique and different; however, what each law firm has in common is the intent to build a strong, resilient community and improve lives through their collective investment. Sincere thanks to each of our generous Community Champions, for leading by example, and helping to build a community where everyone matters.

The three-week friendly competition starts on Tuesday October 4 – Tuesday October 25, 2016. The final verdict(s) will be based on:

  1. Total dollars raised.
    Leadership giving begins at $1,200, Major Gifts at $5,000 and above. All brand new Leadership & Major Gifts, and any increased giving, will be matched dollar for dollar by the Leadership Challenge Grant.
  2. Total dollars raised per capita (excludes staff).
  3. Increased Leadership giving participation rate.
  4. M.V.P. – Recognizes the Law Firm with the most spirit throughout the Challenge (e.g. participates at a Community Impact Experience, holds a Lunch and Learn, uses creative incentives for new Leadership giving, or conducting friendly competitive challenges both within your own firm and competing firms, etc.)

This year marks an extraordinary year for the Lawyer Leadership Challenge thanks to the support of Lerners who has generously invested nearly $600,000 in our community through United Way London & Middlesex.

London’s legal community is proof of how partnering together, actively engaging our peers and participating in the 2016 Lawyer Leadership Challenge can mean big things —like investing in life-changing programs which give people the opportunity to not just survive in our community, but to thrive and contribute in ways they never thought possible. Thank you for working together to make our community the best it can be for all who call it home.