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Lerners LLP Releases Examinations, an Appellate Review and Forecast for 2020

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Lerners LLP Releases Examinations, an Appellate Review and Forecast for 2020

The Lerners Appellate Advocacy Group is proud to announce the release of Examinations, the first in its annual review of the state of appellate law.

“2019 heralded several major appellate decisions that were eagerly anticipated by appellate counsel across the country,” said Earl Cherniak, leader of Lerners’ Appellate Advocacy Group. “We wanted to explore what some of these decisions meant for the legal industry in Ontario, and also to explore the potential implications of the major decisions that are expected to come down in 2020. Examinations is our effort to put our years of experience and expertise in navigating the complex and nuanced appeals process into assisting our clients and colleagues at the appellate bar.”

At Lerners, our appellate counsel are passionate about the unique nature of appeals and our lawyers have the battle-tested specialized knowledge and experience with the appeal process and appellate courts that delivers results. We represent a broad range of clients and have argued a wide variety of appeals in insurance law, family law, tort law, class actions, commercial law and municipal law as well as questions of constitutionality. We regularly appear before the Ontario Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court of Canada and have been involved in some of the most important appeals in judicial history.

For more information, visit our website, and follow us on twitter @LernersAppeals every #LernersAppealWednesday to stay abreast of the latest developments in Canadian appellate law.